Mark Quinn

Centre for Educational Leadership UCL IOE

As a programme leader at the UCL Centre for Educational Leadership, Mark works with schools and school groups to devise practitioner enquiry and other development programmes for teachers and middle leaders. In 2019, he published with Ross McGill and UCL Widening Access and Participation our Verbal Feedback Report, which followed a year-long study with 13 teachers from different parts of the country. Mark is the content lead for the UCL Early Career Teacher Consortium, and he is currently helping to deliver their Early Career Framework programme in the pilot areas of the north of England. In 2018 he wrote (with his co-presenter Karen Spence-Thomas) The Mayor’s Schools for Success: What has helped them to succeed? This is the subject of their presentation. Previously, for 22 years, he was a teacher and senior leader in schools across London.

Speaker's Session

Schools for Success: Accelerating the Progress of Lower Prior Attaining Learners in London