Lorna Jackson

Maryland Primary School

Lorna Jackson is Headteacher of Maryland Primary School in Stratford, a Mayor of London’s School for Success, highlighted in the Parliamentary Review for innovation and research. School motto ‘Where our children’s future matters most’. School Lorna has worked in Newham as a teacher for over 40 years (the longest serving primary teacher and Headteacher in the borough) and has seen many changes to education in that time. She has also seen where change is still needed and hence the conception of the project, Education for Change. Lorna’s school ensures her school motto is evident in the life of her school... the future is in the hands of the children we teach so we must get it right. Lorna believes in learning from the experience of others and has conducted international educational research in Japan, China, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Singapore, Jamaica and Bangladesh. She is now using her own experience in diversity to support colleagues through Education for Change. Lorna is the founding leader of Education4Change.

Speaker's Session

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