Friday, March 5, 2021

Understanding the Experiences of Autistic and Dyslexic Women Transitioning into Tertiary Education

Twenty Four self selected participants completed an online survey tool, with closed scale questions providing a nominal level of data. Some open response questions provided opportunities for the respondents to offer their own narrative of ‘lived experiences’. The enquiry followed the code of conduct from the British Educational Research Association. All questionnaires were kept anonymous and confidential with password protected computers and used only for this enquiry project. The main findings were that students lack confidence in all areas that were surveyed, in particular, ‘study skills’ and in perceiving that ‘instructions are given in a format that is easily understood’, whilst other factors such as ‘the correct support will be available’ on request (in respect of mental health), reflect Bolt (2010) and Neilson’s (2011) assertion that students must develop resilience to help them overcome difficulties for themselves in order to succeed in many tertiary education settings.

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