Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Science of Learning: Implications of Lockdown on Early Years Learning

Better Purpose have developed a report which summarises evidence about how children learn, and draws on research from neuroscience, cognitive and behavioural sciences. As well as providing a general overview of how children learn, the report has specific chapters on how children learn to read and learn mathematics in the early years. The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on early years learning and has exacerbated the attainment gap. As schools re-open, educators will be faced with a number of challenges and will need to consider how to best support young children catch-up on lost learning. This presentation will share some key insights from the ‘Science of Learning’ report, focusing on how children learn in the early years. We will then share the perspectives of London educators on the impact of school closures on early learning and the challenges they are likely to face when schools reopen. Based on these perspectives, we will offer some reflections on how the report could be used by educators and parents as part of their remediation efforts post-COVID.

Alice CornishAlice Cornish

Better Purpose

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