Monday, March 1, 2021

Schools for Success: Accelerating the Progress of Lower Prior Attaining Learners in London

‘Schools for Success’ are London schools, designated by the Mayor, which have succeeded in accelerating the progress of their lower prior attaining learners while achieving at least London-average levels of attainment for all. Our 2018 report sought to understand the strategies that led to their success. This presentation proposes an integrated model for raising the achievement of young people who begin their education – and progress between schools – with low prior attainment in relation to their peers. The model was tested with a small group of case study schools and elements of it were compared with the wider research base related to how schools close the achievement gaps between groups of learners. We suggest that leaders in these schools create a culture for success where a belief that all students can reach their potential is shared across staff.

Mark QuinnMark Quinn

Centre for Educational Leadership UCL IOE

Karen Spence-ThomasKaren Spence-Thomas

Centre for Educational Leadership UCL IOE

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