Thursday, March 4, 2021

Education4Change Challenging racism through conversation and curriculum

E4C is a programme designed for educators by educators to ensure schools provide high-quality, practical opportunities to explore diversity and racial issues in a meaningful way. All E4C packages offer a selection of resources, which interrogate issues of racism and inequality through the curriculum and the medium of discussion and conversation. E4C resources include teaching guidance and conversation starters with a national and global perspective. We know conversation is a powerful tool, whether it is through small groups, whole staff teams or a one-to-one sharing of experiences, especially if facilitated by those who have a real understanding of the impact of racism on everyday life. E4C aims to engage and open minds by challenging, inspiring and motivating children and young people to both prepare for, and call out, racism when they experience or encounter it. The project will empower schools and their communities to have the difficult conversations about the existence and widespread impact of racism, ultimately raising expectations, shifting mindsets and enabling children and young people that encounter racism to overcome real and perceived barriers.

Lorna JacksonLorna Jackson

Maryland Primary School

Anastasia BorehamAnastasia Boreham

Maryland Primary School

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