Tuesday, March 2, 2021

A Roadmap for Renewal: Learning from Lockdown

As schools are busy preparing for their re-opening, we’re reminded that the full political and personal repercussions of lockdown have barely begun to be felt. So much still remains unknown. The overriding need to ensure the safety of students and staff is taking up vast amounts of leaders’ time and energy. However, the psychological impact of Covid-19 and the wellbeing of the school community has to be recognised. As does the welfare of our families as the virus continues to expose and exacerbate inequalities in society. We are all desperate to get back to school and rebuild our places of learning. However, we cannot return to ‘business as usual’. In almost every sector there have been significant changes in working practices. Schools are no different. There needs to be renewal to reflect the times we now live and learn in.

Roadmap for Renewal (PDF)
Kiran MahilKiran Mahil

Central Foundation Girls School

Hannah DaltonHannah Dalton

UAE Southbank

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