Monday, March 1, 2021

A Big Education for Leaders

The world is changing beyond recognition, but the education system is not (Burns and Polchar, 2019). We believe that a paradigm shift is needed; new thinking about the purpose of schooling. Covid-19 has given school leaders the opportunity to reflect on our ‘normal’ education system (Edge, 2020). We believe that ‘normal’ over-emphasises high-stakes exams, Ofsted, and an unbalanced focus on knowledge. Underpinned by research on what makes excellent CPDL (Bell and Cordingley, 2017) and insights of Viviane Robinson (2017), the BLA is a two-year programme, designed to nurture leaders who want to build a more balanced and expansive education system.

Liz RobinsonLiz Robinson

Big Education

Ellie ListerEllie Lister

Big Education

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